Dawn Graves

Just your average high school witch


Dawn Graves is a not-so-average student at the high school.

Current Stats

Relationship: Dating Matt
Skin: Witch

  • Hot: 1
  • Cold: 0
  • Volatile: 0
  • Dark: 2

Season 1

Over the summer while Dawn was at the library looking for books for summer reading assignments she stumbles upon a book. The books reads “ Ancient Seidr, Modern Witchcraft,” and the writer is just named Sunna. Dawn has since found this book referenced as an older book about witchcraft in the modern tradition, but it doesn’t appear to be in print or available used anywhere. She’s just seen it in references to good books for aspiring witches if you can get your hands on it. It was published by a company called Arlamorgan, as listed on the title page of the book.

Due to the content within the book, Dawn believes that the book was a gift from Odin and that her powers are a manifestation of his divine will. She begins to dedicate her magic and rituals to him.

Before the summer ends Dawn receives a text from Jack. It reads “This is goodbye. I’m so sorry.” Worried about her friend’s wellbeing, she looks to the abyss to find Jack. She rushes to the Dead Church to find Jack on the ground of the dilapidated building. He was surrounded by blood and dying from self inflicted wounds. Dawn in her desperation to save her only friend, she attempts to do a resurrection spell outlined in the Ancient Seidr. After putting everything she had into the spell she is spent and exhausted, but Jack doesn’t stir. In her shock she leaves, believing the spell to have failed. And in a sense it did, in another, it worked.

Convinced of her friends death Dawn becomes depressed and throws herself completely into honing her magic. It’s not until the start of the new year that she sees Jack, alive and well.

The Halloween Party

Hotel Rescue

Gathering the Artifacts

Blood, Death, and Chaos

Season 2

Dawn Graves

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